About Kildare and County Kildare

About Kildare and County KildareCounty Kildare is a county in Ireland named after the town of Kildare. The county is one of the top ten largest in the country and is located in the province of Leinster, making it part of the Mid-East Region. The county as a whole has a population of 210,312. In Irish, the county is called Contae Chill Dara and within the green county are three major rivers and a canal in Ireland. County Kildare has an interesting geographical makeup as it has over 243 square meters of bog. The county is an inland county which is surrounded and bordered by six other large counties. Dublin is the county bordering the North East portion of Kildare, and Meath borders the Northern portion of the county. Offal is the Western county and Laos to the south west with Carlow located to the south and Wicklow in the south-east.

The town of Kildare is a town in County Kildare, Kildare Ireland. It is the eighth largest town in County Kildare and is growing quickly at a rate of 8% since 2006. In 2011, the recorded population was 8412. The town is called Cill Dara in Irish which translates to “Church of the Oak” which refers to St.Brigid’s cathedral, one of the town’s oldest and most beautiful draws. The church was a monastery as well, and with roots as far back as the 5th century, the Church of the Oak is one of the three most important Christian foundations and monuments in Celtic Ireland, even to this date. The county town is actually Naas which is situated 50km west of Dublin which has become a commuter town for those in Dublin. Other large towns in the county include Newbridge, Celbridge and Leixlip, in addition to the town of Kildare. It is a beautiful county.