About Kildare Horse Development Company

Founded in 1997, Kildare Horse Development Company was a cooperative venture created by members of the Kildare community who had a vested interest in equestrian activities. This included Breeders, Trainers, Riding Establishments and stables. The idea became a concrete reality when they established an office in March of 1998. With Shane Nolan as the appointed Business Development Executive, the cooperative venture’s purpose and aim was to act as a liaison and an overarching organization so as to promote and do the marketing for members of the equine sector. The venture sought to establish Kildare as an equestrian center of excellence.

The Kildare Horse Development Company remains a non-profit organization and relies on the funds and support of its sponsors. These sponsors include Goffs, Weatherbys Ireland, The Irish Turf Club, The Curragh Racecourse, R.A.C.E., Naas Racecourse, The Irish National Stud, Irish Thoroughbred Marketing, Punchestown Racecourse and The Kildare Community Network. The Board of directors is comprised of members of the equine sector and the board is representative of the community and the sector as a whole.

The organization aims to continue to maintain a strong presence in the Kildare region, and to continue to develop a network of those in the equine sector. Kildare is proud of its accomplishments and the progress it has made towards putting Kildare on the map in the equestrian world. Kildare is known to be as popular as New Market is in England and as Kentucky in the United States in terms of equestrian events and popularity. Kildare prides itself on its ability to host the most successful equestrian events and races in the country.