Association of Irish Riding Establishments

Association of Irish Riding EstablishmentsThe Association of Irish Riding Establishments is a longstanding member of the equestrian community. The AIRE plays a significant role in promoting the sport of amateur horse riding as well as representing, developing and promoting the attendance and engagement of the community in the highest standards of quality and service in the management and operation of horse riding facilities and establishments. The AIRE also helps manage services offered by the establishments and assists with the programs and services.

The (Association of Irish Riding Establishments) approves and supports equestrian centers based on a thorough inspection and judgment of centers on strict and important criteria. This means that only the highest quality equestrian centers receive the A.I.R.E stamp of approval, and thus it is an honor to be AIRE accredited. The criteria and guidelines are both strict and thorough, ensuring that equestrian centers meet the standards in terms of cleanliness, proper horse grooming, proper horse nutrition, appropriate horse accommodations, as well as criteria relevant to the facilities and the potential comfort and enjoyment of race goers.

There are sixteen approved equestrian centers that have their routes in County of Kildare. Several of these centers are internationally known and popular centers where many famous and extremely successful trainers, breeders and riders started their career. Kill International is one of the most successful and impressive equestrian centers worldwide, with race goers coming from all over the world to participate in and watch the impressive races and tour the amazing facilities. AIRE is also proud to have approved the Punchestown racecourse which is one of the oldest racecourses in the country as well as in the world. Punchestown recently underwent an extreme makeover and is currently one of the most luxurious racecourses in the world.

A.I.R.E continues to monitor the quality and performance of Irish Riding Establishments, and works closely with organizations such as the Kildare Horse Development Company to help work towards the success and the promotion of the equestrian industry.