Kildare Horse Development Company in the Community

Kildare Horse Development Company is proud of its accomplishments in the community. The success of the company shall continue, and the company will continue to find ways to support and raise awareness about the equestrian community and lifestyle.

Kildare Horse Development CompanyThe Kildare County Council and KELT teamed up with KHDC to launch tourist road signs. These road signs came shortly after the introduction of the County’s new thorough bread logo. The signs bear the logo and the phrase “Kildare – The Thoroughbred County”. Over 250 signs were placed throughout the county and sometimes they are changed, but it is only the new logo that takes the old sign’s place. This slogan was also created as a result of KHDC’s influence and independent research.

The KHDC is also proud to distribute The Kildare Horse News, an original bi-monthly publication that is distributed domestically and internationally to over 2500 recipients. It is the Company’s free bi-monthly newsletter which consists of an average 16 pages.

Another publication that Kildare Horse Development Company is proud of is it’s Children’s Equine Educational Coloring Book. The book was distributed among county primary schools in hopes to start educating children about the equestrian affairs and give them insight and knowledge about the horses.

The Kildare Horse Development Company also organizes several events, the first of which is the ‘Thoroughbred County Golf Classic’ a golf tournament hosting over 20 teams annually for a day full of fun and golf. The tournament started in 2001 thanks to the company’s 22 sponsors.

A second event held by The Kildare Horse Development Company was the ‘Kildare – The Thoroughbred County Private Charity Sweepstakes’, originally making its debut in 2001. The event involves independent riders who raise funds and compete for a chance to win the title and prize. The events hosted by KDHC are successful thanks to community partners and donations.