Kildare Horse Development Company Partners

Kildare Horse Development CompanyKildare Horse Development Company is fortunate to have developed a strong relationship with many external partners and members of the community. These partners are crucial to success of the company, and play a huge role whether it is through financial support, volunteers, or advertising.

The industry has donated a sufficient amount of funds to the company as well as KELT (Kildare European Leader 11 Teoranta). Kildare County Council has also participated in the company’s activities by agreeing formally to adopt and make the image of a thoroughbred horse – its official County logo. This became official when the Minister of Finance unveiled the Kildare Horse Development Company’s new identity in November 1999. The event was held at K Club in Straffan, Co. and marked the official new logo and the beginning of Kildare’s legacy as an equestrian center of excellence.

Thanks to community partners and overwhelming support, The Kildare Horse Development Company is now developing and implementing a branding, tourism and equestrian plan. The plan includes many events. One example of a step in the right direction was the first twinning race, Prix De Punchestown. The event took placed at Clairefontaine and another race was held at the National Hunt Festival in Punchestown the following year. These events were made possible because the Killdare Horse Development Company develops and forges strong relationships with its neighboring communities and regions including Lexington and Deauville.

The company’s relationships with the community members and stakeholders is two way. The Kildare Horse Development Company supports the community and has proven this time and again. The company had representation and the Kilcock Incinerator hearing to support its views and the views of the equestrian community on the issue. The company established credibility and respect in its dealings with other bodies in the county. The Dunstown Wood Power Generation was another local issue that the company was unafraid to speak to.