The Curragh Racecourse

The Curragh RacecourseHorse racing in Ireland dates all the way back to the third century at which time, there were chariot races that took place. These chariot races were held at the “Cuireach” – which is the Gaelic word for ‘racecourse’. Today the “Cuireach” is known as the Curragh Racecourse and Training Grounds. It is one of the top tracks in Ireland, drawing people of all ages and shapes and sizes.

Curragh is the center for Flat Racing in Ireland, as it hosts all five classic Flat races including the Budweiser Irish Derby in addition to eighteen other race days. The racecourse is owned and managed by the Irish Turf Club who has encouraged the sport of Horse Racing since they were founded in 1790. The club maintains the track and all of its amenities so as to promote the sport and participation in equestrian affairs.

Curragh is the home to many world renowned restaurants, bars, suites and viewing areas. The location of the track is also a large draw as it is situated only 35 miles outside of Dublin, offering easy access but also an escape from the big city. The accessibility is never an issue as there are impressive rail and motorway connections.

The entire facility spans over 1500 acres and each acre boasts something appealing for attendees and participants of all ages. It is a world class facility that provides the highest quality of experience for both trainers and attendees. The site contains sand and grass so as to ensure that trainers can take their horses in any weather condition. The facility is beautiful and has aimed towards creating a loyal fan base who returns to the facility regularly. The trainers will be thrilled with the world class service offered by Curragh who aims to go above and beyond to create a fabulous experience for all.